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Ravensbergen Food has several quality marks to guarantee food safety and hygiene. The quality management system is monitored through unannounced audits based on the BRC and IFS standards.

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Our ethical standards are assessed during a SMETA audit by SGS. SMETA stands for "Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit" and is an assessment system aimed at ensuring ethical trade at companies.

Allergen policy

It is Ravensbergen Food B.V.'s policy not to use sesame as a raw material in our products. Ravensbergen Food B.V. prohibits consuming or bringing food items containing peanuts or sesame into all its premises for all its employees and visitors, to prevent cross-contamination with its products. To correctly assess risks of cross-contamination with allergens, vital analyses are used.

Sustainable cultivation

Rainforest Alliance Certified

See the “Sustainability” page for more information.

Sustainable farming

RSPO SCC Group Certification

See the “Sustainability” page for more information



See the “Sustainability” page for more information

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