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Private label bars manufacturer

Our private label bars

Private label bars manufacturer

Ravensbergen Food is your private label bars manufacturers partner. We have been operating in Europe for many years and know the market. Thanks to our well-known name, major retailers are able to partner up with us. We are either found through the Haco Group or even directly. We provide the development of private label granola bars, private label cereal bars, private label nutrition bars, private label energy bars, private label protein bars, private label snack bars or private label fruit bars.

Granola bars

What is a private label granola bars manufacturer?

Our private labels are manufactured by Ravensbergen Food, but are brought to the market under the brand name of our client. This gives us the opportunity to work for a variety of clients and create several different types of bars. We are a private label granola, nutrition, energy, protein, snack, fruit and cereal bars manufacturer. Our specialty is the production of bars: we have years of experience in the food industry. Our granola bar factory can make much more than just private label granola bars: as a manufacturer we can make you anything you wish on a larger scale.

Nutrition bars

Private label nutrition bars manufacturers

With your help and trust, we can make any type of bar you like. For example, if you are looking for private label nutrition bars manufacturers, we can be your sports nutrition bar manufacturer. Private label nutrition bars usually contain ingredients like yogurt powder, milk or dairy proteins, or plant-based protein sources like soy, pea or brown rice. Because of ingredients like oats, dried fruits, chocolate or peanut butter, private label nutrition bars can be used as a replacement for your breakfast or even lunch.

Energy bars

Ravensbergen Food: private label energy bars manufacturer

Ravensbergen Food is your ideal partner and private label energy bars manufacturer. We can produce large quantities of private label energy bars with ingredients of your choice. You can design different flavours, such as chocolate, vanilla, fruit flavours or peanut butter. Private label energy bars are a great way to give you a hit of energy. With Ravensbergen Food as your private label energy bars producer, we can produce different kinds of energy bars. Are you looking for a healthy bars manufacturer, then we can use only natural sugars and flavorings for a healthy energy bar.


Private label protein bars manufacturer

Private label protein bars are a great way to increase your protein intake, for example right after your workout. Protein is an important nutrient for repairing and building muscle, but it can also be used as an energy source. As a protein bar factory, we can help you to produce your protein bars. We implement your specific needs and wishes in the private label protein bars, to create your perfect protein bars as a manufacturer.

Snack bars

Private label snack bars manufacturer

If you are looking for the perfect snack for the road, private label snack bars are the way to go. Private label snack bars are the ultimate snack: easy to take with you and possibly full of important nutrients. We are a snack bar manufacturer with knowledge of different sorts of private label snack bars. From private label protein bars to fruit bars or cereal bars: we can produce it all.

Fruit bars

Private label fruit bars manufacturer

Private label fruit bars can have lots of advantages when they have the right composition. Ravensbergen Food is a private label fruit bars manufacturer and we can offer you lots of options for the perfect snack bars that fits with your wishes and needs. We can discuss the different options, so you are pleased with us as your fruit bars manufacturer. Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Cereal bars

Looking for a private label cereal bars manufacturer?

Are you interested in a private label cereal bars manufacturer? At Ravensbergen Food, we are specialists in manufacturing all different types of cereal bars, snack bars and nutrition bars. We can produce cereal bars in different shapes and sizes, for example dome or flat. We can also add different decorations, such as chocolate sprinkles, bottoms or fully coated. Ravensbergen Food, your cereal bar factory, considers sustainable initiatives, such as Rainforest Alliance Cocoa and Hazelnuts, Fairtrade Chocolate and RSPO certified palm oil during the development of our products.

Healthy bars

Different sorts of healthy bars manufacturer

Bars are everywhere for any type of need: nutrition, energy, diet or snack. The consumer has a range of choices for their bars. If you are looking for a healthy bars manufacturer, Ravensbergen Food is the partner you need. We produce lots of different healthy bars, private label snack bars, nutrition bars, fruit bars, granola bars, cereal bars, protein bars and energy bars in different shapes and sizes. Do not hesitate to contact us and find out what we can do for you.

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